Hi! My name is Felipe and I am a Sydney Wedding and Portrait Photographer. I was, however, born in a city called Cali in the beautiful country of Colombia. Since I was a child, I always loved creating pieces of artwork, specially drawing and painting. As I grew older, that creative side of me slowly started shifting towards photography. I picked up a camera for the first time in High School when I started taking photos for their annual editorial books.

When I graduated, I decided to go to Law School (which has nothing to do with art or photography… I know). I worked as a Corporate Lawyer for 3 years in one of the biggest Law Firms in Colombia and little by little, I started climbing the corporate ladder. However, I knew that I was not happy inside an office. So, I decided to quit my job and go traveling around the world.

I had a small budget and a GoPro camera… and that was good enough.

A trip that was intended to last 6-12 months turned into 5 years! I managed to visit more than 60 countries and live amazing experiences. One of the ways I managed to create an income throughout my travels was via photography. I bought a DSLR camera from a friend I was traveling with and slowly started sharing my photos on Social Media. With time, I also started selling my photos to hotels, hostels and travel agencies.

After 5 years of roaming the world, I moved to Sydney, Australia. I fell in love with this city and well, my fiancé is from here so it was not a difficult decision. 

I work now as a Full Time Photographer in this amazing place that I can now call home, being able to capture special moments for individuals and couples. 

But that’s enough of me… Let’s focus on you and how to capture your special memories.