Wedding at Carrick Hill, Adelaide - Peter & Manisha

Peter & Manisha’s wedding at Carrick Hill in Adelaide has a special place in my heart. This was the first wedding I ever shot outside New South Wales since I moved to Australia. I remember receiving Peter’s enquiry asking me if “by any chance I was planning to shoot weddings outside Sydney”. It had always been on my mind but I thought I was not ready to put myself out as a travel wedding photographer yet. However, I still wrote back to him and we scheduled a call. 

After talking to them through a zoom call, I told them: “you know what? Let’s do this!”  I felt like I just had a conversation with long time friends of mine. I had a good feeling about this.

I got to coordinate the flights and brought my second photographer Santiago and my videographer John with me. It was going to be epic.

Peter and Manisha made sure that we were looked after during our trip to Adelaide. They even lent us their car so we didn’t have to go through the process of hiring any vehicle during our stay.

Now, let’s talk about the wedding. 

We started after midday at Peter and Manisha’s house where both of them were getting ready. Peter’s mother came from Kenya to be a part of the ceremony. She made any room lighten up with her contagious smile. The boys got ready first whilst having some drinks and a lot of fun. Afterwards they headed out to the Old Warehouses road at Port Adelaide where they would wait for Manisha for the “First Look”.

Manisha was joined by two of her bridesmaids whilst getting ready. Everyone just had a big “Aww” on their faces when she came out of her room. She looked stunning. She was picked up by a 1950’s Jaguar that drove her to Port Adelaide.

Peter and Manisha decided to have a First Look before their ceremony. This was a special and beautiful moment just for them. I had a few words with Peter before and I could tell how excited and nervous he was to see Manisha in her white dress. He had a quick drink and waited for the love of his life to pat his shoulder. There they were, looking at each other with a bright smile on both their faces. He hugs her, picks her up, kisses her and the rest is history. 

The wedding ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful venues in Adelaide: Carrick Hill. I had only seen this place in photos but once you see it in person is just incredible. I felt like I was transported to Europe. The English manor building together with the well kept Edwardian gardens just feels like it belongs to another era.

The lovely couple decided to have an African Christian ceremony (as per Peter’s roots). It was held outside in the gardens and the weather could have not been better. Lots of laughter and lots of love.

After the lovebirds said “I do”, they got to spend a moment with their friends and guests followed by a few more photos. We all came back for the reception where Peter and Manisha got to dance, cut the cake and also perform a few African wedding traditions. I stole them for a few minutes after seeing how incredible the sunset was and we got epic photos.

As a Sydney Wedding Photographer, I am extremely humbled that Peter and Manisha trusted me to go to Adelaide and shoot their wedding. Not only that, I am truly grateful for how well they treated us and how welcomed they made us feel. 

Here are some of the photos of Peter and Manisha’s wedding at Carrick Hill, Adelaide: