Wedding at Burnt Orange - Alexandra & Gerardo

Alexandra and Gerardo’s wedding at Burnt Orange was definitely special. I have known Gerardo for many years and when he asked me to capture their wedding, I felt humbled. I got to meet Alexandra and their daughter Emilia a year ago for the first time when they invited us for breakfast and got along immediately. Alex is a beautiful person inside and out. Once you look at them together, you know that they are right for each other.

They got ready at The Albert Hotel in Mosman, just a few minutes away from Burnt Orange. Alexandra looked stunning and elegant and was accompanied by Emilia whilst she was getting ready.

The wedding at Burnt Orange took place during a sunny afternoon where the gorgeous couple got to celebrate this important day with their closest friends and family. The beautiful flower setup was provided by Gathered Floral Sydney.

After the ceremony, the couple joined everyone for a fun and entertaining reception. Gerardo is originally from Colombia, which is why they had many Colombian sweets and decorations at the reception.

Once the night came, everyone got to dance and even enjoy a Colombian “Hora Loca” (Crazy Hour) on the dance floor (it’s not what you are thinking though lol).

As a Sydney Wedding Photographer, being able to capture special moments like Alexandra and Gerardo’s Wedding simply makes everything worth it. Gerardo is the most empathetic person I have known; and Alex is a loving and caring soul that would do anything for her family. Both are simply right for each other and make a lovely family with their daughter Emilia.

Here are some photos from the wedding of Alexandra and Gerardo at Burnt Orange in Sydney: