Wedding at Vaucluse House - Tatiana and Alexander

Tatiana and Alexander’s wedding at Vaucluse House was simply gorgeous. The day started with the Alex and the boys getting ready whilst having a few drinks to celebrate the big day. Tatiana got her hair and makeup at home together with her mother and bridesmaids. This was a very special moment as Tatiana’s mother flew all the way from Colombia just to attend the wedding. Safe to say, they all looked stunning.

There was a bit of rain throughout the day but luckily it wasn’t too strong and did not affect the wedding schedule. Plus, we were prepared with umbrellas.

Their wedding ceremony at Vaucluse House was very intimate and beautiful. The couple looked stunning and the venue offered incredible photo opportunities without having to leave the city.

As a Sydney wedding photographer, I love getting to meet incredible couples who are truly in love. Alexander and Tatiana are not the exception. Tatiana has a kind and beautiful soul and Alex is a true gentleman with an adventurous spirit for traveling. Lots of emotions made their ceremony special and one of a kind and I am grateful to be able to capture these moments.

Here are some of the photos from the Tatiana and Alexander’s Wedding at Vaucluse House: