12 Easy Props That You Can Use For Your Wedding Day

If  you reached this post that only means one thing: You want your wedding to be awesome! 

Today I will share with you 12 Easy Props That You Can Use For Your Wedding Day that will make everyone at you wedding have a great time and your photos look incredible.   

1. Confetti for the exit toss

The bride and groom’s exit toss is one of the most exciting moments during the ceremony. It certainly gets everyone more relaxed and provides for great photo opportunities.

Back in the day, guests used to throw rice at the couple symbolizing good luck and fertility. This practice seems to be changing with time. Nowadays, a popular choice would be colorful confetti. There are biodegradable confettis in case you want to look for an environmentally friendly option.

If you prefer other alternatives to confetti, please keep reading.


2. Photo Booth

Photo booths are really fun and make a great prop during the reception and party time. It allows your guests to take instant snaps of them having fun and the best thing is: they can take those photos home with them. 

3. Disposable Cameras

A good alternative to the photo booth would be having disposable cameras placed on each table for the guests to capture their moments and then share them with you. I would highly suggest letting everyone know where they should leave the camera at the end of the wedding so you can pick it up and later reveal the film.


4. Party Sunnies

Bring a set of 4-5 party sunglasses so you can share around with your guests whilst dancing. They will go crazy as soon as they have them on. Great photo opportunity.

5. Bubbles

A good alternative for the confetti exit toss could be using bubbles. If you have enough guests that are fully committed, you can give each one a set of bubbles that they can blow as you exit the ceremony. Otherwise, consider buying/renting a bubble machine that can blow with much more power. 

6. Umbrellas

Okay, this is not a prop that everyone wants to have during their wedding but one that I would highly suggest if the forecast shows a bit of rain. Consider getting transparent umbrellas (at least 5-10) so you can share with your bridal party and use for photos. You can also look for color matching umbrellas that can make your images pop even more. 


7. Sparklers

If the weather allows it, go for it. Sparkler exits are so much fun and make great photos. Extra long ones will be your best option. Make sure to have just one or two people in charge of handing them out to your guests. Wait until everyone has them, then you can light them. Be careful but make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!

8. Appreciation Book

We all know that your guests love you and that’s why they are at your wedding. However, an appreciation book can be a great option for you to read beautiful (and sometimes funny) words that your friends and family want to share with you. The appreciation books is basically a big blank book that you can leave at one of the tables for your guests to fill. Tell your MC to let everyone know about it so they can write their words down.

9. Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are still trending, although some may argue that they are fading out a bit. If you want a explosion of color, consider getting smoke bombs for the bridal party and couples photos.


10. Petals

Another great alternative for the toss exit could be petals. They are environmentally friendly and can replace the confetti or rice toss.

11. Glow Sticks

A great party prop that everyone will enjoy. Glow sticks are fun specially when everyone is at the dance floor. 

12. Party hats

Following the party sunglasses, the party hats are also great options for everyone to loosen up and enjoy your wedding party.

Final thoughts: I hope that you find this article useful for when you are planning your wedding. The most important thing is for you guys to enjoy the wedding and make the most of it. Get creative and have the best time ever. 

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